Sunday, December 4, 2011

To blog or not to blog? That is the question....

For years fellow teachers and family have been telling me to start a blog. My response is always the same, "Who will read it?" I don't facebook, tweet, four square, or do whatever trend is out there because I am convinced I am not "thrilling" enough to intrigue others; however, I have been reading and following several, FABULOUS, teacher blogs and now I am infected with the "blog bug."

I guess before I begin this journey (hopefully with others on board) you should know a few things about me...

My name is Tanya and I am 25 years old. I live in Southwest Florida, where I have also been teaching for the past 2 years. I teach 3rd grade and am absolutely in love with the grade level and curriculum. My students are embracing, challenging little sponges that soak up what I say and do on a daily basis. I take pride in knowing that I conduct their learning train as they progress on their educational journey. I know that my destiny was always to become a teacher and I feel so privileged to be able to do what I ABSOLUTELY love to do every single day.

I live with my boyfriend (gosh, I hate that word...makes me feel 14 again), significant other of almost 6 years. We have a toy poodle, Penny who is our pride and joy. We love her to pieces and I will forewarn you now...I'm sure Penny will creep up into a few...OK... a lot of blog topics... sorry. :) Mark and I don't have children so Penny is spoiled rotten...and what's worse…she knows it! Mark is a great guy, and the #1 thing I love about him is that he supports my career. He's so patient and supportive with everything and has been with me since the start. From my college days where our living room would be covered with sheets and materials as I put themed units together for assignments to now where I attempt to slyly put heaps and heaps of teaching stuff into the shopping cart during our traditional Sunday grocery shopping; he is without judgement. EVERY SUMMER he helps me remodel my room and change to my new theme. I think he secretly like it (although he denies it) but he does all this WITHOUT complaint.

Currently, my greatest hobby is my classroom. With only 2 years of teaching under my belt, I am constantly evolving and changing as a teacher, thus adding and removing components of my classroom. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my room and furthermore, LOVE LOVE LOVE buying things for my students and room. My wallet has mixed feelings about this fact. I know one day with children of my own, a house, and the classical family minivan, I won't always be able to afford all this teacher shopping so I enjoy it now. It brings me great happiness to share with my students and give them experiences that they probably wouldn't have outside of my room. 

When I'm not working on my classroom, I love shopping for anything (I think I need an intervention....), watching movies, reading, and going to the theatre. If I could see a musical once a week, I seriously would. I did theatre for 4 years in high school. I was part of several plays and musicals and I still keep those memories dear to my heart today. I adored the feeling of entertaining and making others laugh when I was on stage and years later, I felt that same feeling the first day of my first teaching job.

That's pretty much it.... see, aren't I boring? I so feel like I am having a "Julie and Julia" moment right now...that part in the movie where she isn't sure if anyone is reading her blog; therefore, she's wanting to drown her sorrows in a fancy duck dish or a chocolate cake. I can't cook so instead I'll opt for a bag of cheesy Chex Mix. I'm off to work on several projects for my class. With the holidays around the corner, I have A LOT going on in my room. Stay tuned for an entry later tonight on what I am doing with my kids this week... take care fellow educators...or anyone. :)

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travelingteacher said...

Wahoooo!!! I'm your first follower and first comment!!

Welcome to the teacher blogging world!

I first started over the summer, but it was only a half-attempt. I have started back this month in full force!

I look forward to following you--come stop by my blog and become a follower too : )


Tales from a Traveling Teacher

Erika said...

You are funny! I love the picture of you and "your significant other" where the dog is looking at you like maybe one of you should pick it up! I am your newest follower.
2B Honey Bunch

Tanya V. said...

Kelli - thanks for the break through! I will always remember you. *Tears* I checked your blog out and its great! I added you to my awesome blog list. Looking forward to being cyber buddies! Take care.

Tanya V. said...

Erika - LOL, she is so controlling! We took a bunch of photos with her part of the shot, but then we wanted some without her. Unfortunately with Penny, she decides how it goes. She kept running into the photo. The photographer thought it was hilarious. We thought otherwise...going to check out your blog now. Take care.

melissa said...

I'm your newest follower! :)
Come by
Your blog is great!

Miss Russell said...

I am your newest follower! Your blog is awesome and I will keep checking in. Follow my blog if you get the chance!!

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