Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Themes in the Classroom

I know we are only half way through the school year but I'm already thinking about my classroom theme for next year. This was the first year I did a theme and it was a blast.

Step 1: I had to pick a theme. A tall order for someone as indecisive as myself. I have difficulty deciding what to make for dinner. Mark was of true assistance in this step..he wanted a nautical/ocean theme (naturally...considering he likes loves to fish). I on the other hand was hesitant about such a theme. What if the kids aren't thrilled with it? We went back and forth for days but in the end, stuck with nautical.

Step 2: Find decor that matches my theme. THIS WAS MY FAVORITE PART (naturally...considering I like love to shop). It was the beginning of Summer so I was suffering from the "I think I'm married to Donald Trump because I'm feeling richer effect" due to being paid 5 paychecks at once. I went nuts. I ordered anything and everything that had a life preserver or anchor on it. We took daily trips to the teacher store and packages were coming by the droves. It took about 4 days before I filled our office up with boxes and bags. Mark put a halt to step 2 with a glare and a simple "You're done shopping." Ok.....moving on to step 3....

Step 3: Decorate! Not for the faint of heart...this took several 8-9 hour days with both Mark and I working on the room. And let's not forget no air conditioning...and we live in Florida. Also, I should mention the "unique" situation regarding my room ...I have cement blocks for walls, which means you can't staple into the walls. Tape doesn't work either because of the heat...so what's left? HOT GLUE..I have to hot glue everything!!! It's a nightmare and each year I add a new "battle wound" to my scar collection. I use fabric to decorate my walls/doors and Mark is the Ying to my Yang in this process. Of course when there is hot glue, fabric, and a ladder involved, an argument always results and someone storms off. Mark took frequent visits to the gas station up the road for "breaks."  Anyone who decorates their classroom knows what I'm talking about. There are high expectations and "visions" that must be duplicated. We always end up laughing about it, but it's a lot of work..

End result? A great looking room (if I do say so myself). My mind is already bubbling with ideas for next year and I think I should start shopping soon so my wallet holds up. :) Mark, don't read the previous sentence!

Take a look at my classroom....

Job Bulletin Board - every student in my class has a job.

AR Bulletin Board - each student has an anchor with their name on it. They move around to the different boats as they progressed to the higher clubs.

Please disregard the Christmas decorations. :)

Well that's my room. What classroom theme do you have? Please comment and share! 

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Stacey said...

Hi Tanya,
Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower!! :) I am enjoying getting to meet new people! I also like to have a class theme for each year. It helps me be a little more creative. Your classroom looks awesome! Love all of your bulletin boards. I sadly didn't have a theme this year, because I wasn't really going to be teaching much. There are only 2 third graders this year, so they combined them with 4th. I started out only having them for 2 classes, then later the principal decided to give them to me for four classes. The rest of the day I help out around the school. Anyway, last year's theme was penguins/snow. I already have my theme for next year, it's going to be my favorite animal...the panda. I'm excited to hopefully get back to normal next year and use my new theme! Thanks again for stopping by!


Miss DeCarbo said...

This is SO cute! I love this theme. :) I live on a lake so I'm definitly a big fan of anchors, boats, and life preserves haha. In fact, my sundeck is decorated in a nautical theme! :) Thanks for visiting my blog, I'm also a new follower of yours!

Second Grade Sugar and Spice

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