Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Gingerbread Unit - Day 2

Read alouds for today:

1. Gingerbread Friends by Jan Brett...it's Jan Brett, need I say some? Her stories are so endearing and I get lost in her illustrations.

2. The Gingerbread Girl Goes Animal Crackers by Lisa Campbell Ernest - This book was so worth going to the book store after a long day's work and paying hardcover price. My kids LOVED the book and so did I.

Gingerbread activity - Gingerbread Man Perimeter and Area

I had cutouts of gingerbread men printed on card stock and laminated for future use. I found this great activity online for perimeter and area. Right now we are working on division in math but we work on area and perimeter later in the year. I thought this would be a perfect, hands on learning lesson for this skill that will hook my students for future instruction. We used mini marshmallows and peppermints to measure the perimeter and area of the cutout. The students kept saying, "I love this because I am having so much fun, yet learning at the same time." Comments like those are what keep me motivated to push myself as an educator each day. I use the textbooks and practice books provided by the district but I also incorporate different styles of teaching to reach my kids.

Note to self...2 bags of marshmallows were NOT enough for 18 kids...we just barely made it! Actually some of my kids had to get creative and cover half of the man with marshmallows, count those, and then cover the other end. HEY PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS..NICE!

Below are some pictures of our great math lesson....

Good day with the kiddos, tomorrow gingerbread symmetry!

This post is for you Becca. Thanks for the supportive comment. :)

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