Friday, December 30, 2011

I'm least I think I am..., that was fast. Just yesterday I was waving my sugar crazed kiddos goodbye and then I blinked. I do miss them terribly... you know that they will have a ton of stories to tell right when they come through the door. Some tales their parents will wish they had never mentioned.

I've been getting things ready for the big week back. We started fractions right before we left so I'm excited to start back with fractions. It's my favorite benchmark in our math curriculum.

Can I just's ridiculously hot here in Florida. Yesterday, was "freezing" according to Florida standards... we dropped down to a staggering 65 degrees, but then today back up to 86. I'm originally from New Jersey so I'm used to frosty holidays, gloves, and snow boots. On Christmas Day, I saw 4 "older" couples walking to the pool in their neon flip flops, carrying their swim tubes. One thought came to my head, "that isn't normal." I just need some cool weather. My sweaters are feeling neglected. Please, someone send me some frigid air!

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Amber Polk said...

We head back Tuesday and I can't believe it!

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Erika said...

65?!? Today in Montana it was 56 and people were out in their shorts and flip flops. I'm glad someone is ready for Tuesday, I'm certainly not.

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