Monday, January 30, 2012

A stupendous geometry filled math day!

Days like today make me fall in love more with my profession. 

We started chapter 9 in math today...geometry. The 1st lesson calls for introducing plane shapes and their attributes (line, line segment, ray, point, angle, vertex). It's not the greatest lesson in our curriculum in terms of engaging the students so I knew I had to prepare something good! We first completed a Mimio lesson which introduced all the vocabulary. Next, we used pretzels, M&M's, and Valentine's Day candy corn to make the figures. The kids had a ball and their brains were buzzing!

We are having to double up on math lessons to ensure completion of all the skills before the FCAT. I'm constantly looking for ways to review material that's exciting and fun to my kiddos. To review symmetry today we took rulers and made them our lines of symmetry. Then the students took pattern blocks and colored squares and made cool symmetrical patterns. I loved seeing their creativity shine through. You don't get to see this side of them when doing a worksheet or practice workbook page. 

Thanks kiddos for making my job so fabulous! 

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Julie said...

Love the symmetry lesson! It is so fun to see kids explore math creatively!

Elizabeth said...

Wow! I love this. The candy corn to show a line is such a great idea!


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Amber Polk said...

Love both these lessons. I am loving the candy corn for the lines! The symmetry figures are awesome too! I love when students just run with something!

I am pinning this post btw!

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Miss DeCarbo said...

Tag! You're it! You've just been invited to play the bloggy tag game. Come on over to my blog to check it out! :) Also, Love your Valentine's shapes activity. :)

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Rebecca said...

Come by and see what it's all about!


Kelli Beason said...

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