Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Back in "Teach Mode"

Well I survived my 2nd day back. Actually, its been quite enjoyable. My students came back mature, quiet, and ready to work. How long will it last? :)

Of course they were full of stories yesterday. Everyone had 56 stories to share from Christmas break, and when I asked them to tell me one story from their break, they merged the 56 stories into one sentence! Gotta love 3rd graders!

As mentioned before, we started back up with fractions this week (a big skill on the FCAT).

I have done 2 read alouds on fractions this week. The first one was called "Whole-y Cow! Fractions Are Fun." Naturally my kids loved the title...the content was perfect for beginner fractions.

We also read Jerry Pallotta's "The Hershey's Fraction book." Relating fractions to food = SUCCESS and UNDERSTANDING! If you are not familiar with Palotta's books, please check them out. He has WONDERFUL math books.

I even managed to fit in math centers today and that seldom happens. You know that you had a productive learning day when your back table is covered with math "stuff." They were rocking it though. I can't ask for anything more.

I always use my Mimio as a center. Have you checked out Lakeshore's interactive learning games? They are AMAZING! They are Lakeshore's board games in an interactive form for the computer. I have every title connected to my curriculum. Pros to these interactive activities: no set up required or having to explain the directions. I love Lakeshore's board games but the first time I have my kids play them, they need help with the directions. This causes major loss on instructional time and that's never good. These are truly grab and go! Plug and play! Insert disc and review! Learning made simple! Click on the 1st picture to check out other titles from Lakeshore's website.

Off to go snuggle with Penny. I'ts freezing! I love it but so not accustomed to this. It's supposed to get down to 26 degrees tonight. YIKES! Everyone has sheets on their bushes and trees out on their lawns to prevent frost. It's a lovely sight.

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Amber Polk said...

I love third graders after Christmas! I'm starting fractions tomorrow, I need to try to find that book! Cross my fingers...maybe it will be in the library!

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Kristin said...

Fun!!! :)
A Teeny Tiny Teacher

S. Parker said...

I've browsed through the titles of Lakeshore's interactive games. They look great! If only I had an interactive board to use them on.

Would love if you linked this post to my January Book picks link.


melissa said...

Starting fractions with my 3rd graders this week too!
and..my students were quiet today also? somethings up ..lol!

Elisabeth said...

I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Head over to my site to check it out
Twins, Teaching and Tacos.

Christina said...

Although you are back in the teaching mode,I hope you will be reading my post because I am awarding you...(drum roll, please)...
The Liebster Award. Come by my page to see how to claim your award. CONGRATS!



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