Sunday, January 1, 2012

A shout out and butterflies in my stomach

My delightful and disgustingly adorable sister, Becca started a blog this weekend. She lives in St. Petersburg, FL and she attends the University Of South Florida. She's a professional writing major and her pieces of work are truly charming to read. Click on the picture.

Although she's not a teacher and she won't be having "Freebie Fridays," I ask that you hop over there and give her a try. It's not easy starting a blog (as many of us know) and there's a level of vulnerability exposed when you start to put yourself out there. Lets show her how friendly the blog world is. Thanks in advance!

Ok...does anyone else have butterflies in their stomach for tomorrow? I mean, I'm not nervous per's more an exciting feeling. This is the "magical" school break where the students come back more mature and ready to work. (WELL LETS HOPE!) I guess my excitement is getting the best of me. I miss my kiddos...ready to get back into "teach mode."

And now, I leave you with darling photos of Miss Penny... that blanket was a gift from one of my students for Christmas. Penny has no concept of ownership.

Uhh...someone is still on winter break.

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Christina said...

I am one of your newest followers and I am new to blogging like your sister. It's hard and scary to get started, so I know exactly how she is feeling.
BTW, I love the Bucket Filler (text) in place of comment section. *I am a newbie, so it took me awhile to figure that out.* eek!

Happy New Year!


diditeach said...

Just discovered your blog, congratulations !! I hear you completely about starting. Since I discovered the wonderful world of blogging teachers, I have thought about my own blog but you spoke to all of my fears...still not ready to take the plunge but really enjoyed reading your entries. I love my classroom too and take great delight in decorating, finding new books, props, stuffed characters and decorations. This is still all very exciting to me after 26 years of teaching, that's right, 26 years. It never gets old ! Hope your first day back went well. I taught right up until the 23rd so I am still home for a week. It is very cold today and snowing. I live in Ontario, Canada about an hour from the border to the US. We visit Florida each March break, just LOVE our time there, we visit the Jupiter area. Great to 'meet' you !

Tanya V. said...


Hello there! Hope you are staying warm. We are supposed to get down to the 30's tonight so people are putting their sheets up on their trees and bushes to protect their Florida greens. It's quite a sight. :)

You should start a blog! I would like to see what 26 years of accumulation looks like. I can only imagine! Also, I bet you have GREAT resources and ideas to share. What grade do you teach?

Heather's Heart said...

I welcomed back my kiddos today and was ready to meet my more mature Firsties! I love this time of the year because so many DO make HUGE transformations! After having a "Come to Jesus" talk with one little friend I hope he is ready to start the New YEar off on a better foot tomorrow! LOL! He wasn't even that bad! =)


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