Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring break is over my friends

As I sit here and munch on cereal, I'm forced to acknowledge that my spring break is in its mere, final hours. Boy, that was fast. I am ready to get back to work though. I miss my kiddos like CRAZY and all of their charming antics! 

I wish I could say I had a lot of down time. I did here or there. My main goal was to put a dent in my yearbook "homework." I did Friday night when I sat in my office from 5pm-2am working on all things yearbook. I also worked on it for 5 hours yesterday and 10 hours during the whole week. I'm so ready for this thing to be done! I'm about 80% of the way there. 

There were a few things that kept me going during these marathon yearbook sessions....

First off...

Thank you Yummy Earth for such a wonderful gift. I killed this whole bag Friday night and then I hated those little bears for the rest of the night....the hate has since surpassed.

I also love Sweet Leaf Raspberry Tea.

Obsessed is more the word for this drink. 

and lastly....

OMG, if you haven't tried these and you like hot, TRY THEM! They are fabulous. Mark and I often argue about who will hold the bag when we open these babies up. I will forewarn you they turn your fingers orange so eat them in the comfort of your house next to the kitchen sink. Thank you comfort food for making the yearbook more enjoyable!

Mark and I are going to look at a condo today. We are taking the first (baby) steps in looking for a place to buy. We're not really house kinda people...I wonder what that says about us? I'm excited, yet anxious. Looking at places, the paperwork, etc, etc...YIKES, more things to deal with right now. I'm already tired thinking about it, BUT it needs to be done. We have been renting for years and now is the time to buy. 

I don't really have much to say in terms of teaching. So I will leave you with a family photo that Mark's mom just recently gave us. It's from Christmas and everyone is smiling. When I say everyone I mean Mark. Usually the camera gets him with his mouth wide open like he's catching flies. Even little Penny was cooperative. :) ICK, notice how short I am? And I am standing on my tippy toes.....

3 Bucket Fillers:

Heather said...

I still have two weeks until I start Spring Break. I'm dying, and the poor kiddos are like wild animals. I love reading other teachers' posts like this because it keeps me looking forward to break!

Tammy said...

I'm so with Spring Break ends today as well!

Confessions of a Fourth Grade Teacher

Julie said...

Good luck with the condo search! I can't wait until I am ready to buy something! :)


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