Sunday, March 4, 2012

The longest post in the world to explain the big mistake

I made a BIG mistake this past week.


I went to Books-A-Million..........TWICE.

Yes, twice. (shivers)

I first went Wednesday night. My kiddos have gotten into the "Geronimo Stilton" series and they were begging me to get more. I only had about 6 of them and they had read them all. 

Sure. No problem.

I had a plan for myself. I would go into the store with tunnel vision. I wouldn't look around or browse the aisles, especially the "new" section. I kept hearing Mark's voice in my head, "WE CAN'T FIT ANYMORE BOOKS IN YOUR CLASSROOM TANYA!!" 

I had my game face and Cubs baseball hat on. I pulled it tightly over my face in hopes that it would block my eyes from darting to shelf to shelf and opened the front door of the store.

"Walk FAST, Tanya," I said to myself. "Go, go, go......but wait, what is that display of Dr. Seuss books over there?" 

NO YOU HAVE ENOUGH DR. SEUSS BOOKS! JUST KEEP WALKING. I sniffled a bit in disappointed but kept going.

After what felt like an hour walk to the middle of the store, I finally arrived at the kids' chapter books section. 

I suddenly realized my plan was flawed!

How many do I get???????

I never thought of that!

This dang series has close to 50 books in addition to special addition to Geronimo's sister, Thea who has her own addition to some spin off character named "Creepella" who has her own series!!!

I was beginning to hyperventilate. 

My gut was telling me to take my arm and slide it across the shelf holding these books and watch them all fall into my cart. 

And then I heard it......Mark's voice. "WE CAN'T FIT ANYMORE BOOKS IN YOUR CLASSROOM, TANYA!!!"

He's right ok....I'll get 3....well 7......ok 10 13. I picked the ones that looked the best and headed for the checkout. 

SUDDENLY I felt a violent gravitation pull to the children's picture books section.

NO. I. CAN'T. 

well ok I can....

"Tanya, you will just LOOK." That's it. Then you will leave.

Ok, I can do this.


If you aren't familiar with this series, please get familiar ASAP. 

My kids ADORE this series. We have read all of them. In fact, Mark read the last one when he came to visit earlier in the year. Even he enjoys them.

So naturally I had to get the new one. It was a basic life necessity. 

And I wasn't worried about Mark because he is a fan too. 

Although it's a hardcover. YIKES on the price. That fact lasted literally 2 seconds in my head but then I was over it. THERE WAS ONE COPY AND IT WAS ALL MINE.

I know I should have left....

....and been satisfied with my great find.....


.....I kept looking.




It's called "The 3 Little Aliens and the Big Bad Robot."


After hugging it for 20 minutes I put it into my cart. Another hardcover...oh life is so unfair.


Then I remembered that the new "My Weider School" book came out earlier in February but when I went to go get it a few days after its release date, it wasn't there and I had several disappointed students in my class. 

Go ahead Tanya and look because it's not going to be there. 

Of course, it was. My cheapest purchase though.....$4.00. I breathed a sign of relief. No problem there.

Then I ran to the checkout. LITERALLY RAN. Several people turned their heads as the sound of my cart speed past them, but I had to get out before I lost my mind with excitement. 

Library Mouse saved my life with Mark. He was so excited that I found a new one that he didn't realize the other 437 books sitting in the bag. He did however make me promise to hold onto the book and save it for when he comes to read at the end of the year. *sign* Okay.

Here is a picture of my finds:

Penny approved the loot. :) 

Then today Mark and I were out shopping...

...and then he said something that opened Pandora's Box.

"You know...your kids are like INSANE readers that read everything in sight. They will tear through those chapter books you got in a few weeks. I know you're just dying to get more of that Geronimo series to finish your collection. We should just go to BAM and get the rest of the ones you need"


I have been plotting all week how and when I was going to finish that series.

"OKAY!" I said.

16 books later...I have a stack of books which comes to my knee and this long post to show for it. 

BUT in my defense today was all Mark's FAULT. Blame him. I sure am. :) 

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Kristen said...

you crack me up! Only a teacher would understand this sickness, right??
Kristen :)

Miss T said...

How awesome!

I totally understand this situation. I have had to control myself since I don't have a classroom. But let's just say 1/4 of my closet is kids books lol. And on shelves.

And yesterday I bought two Easter books because I realized I didn't have any...

Journey of a Substitute Teacher

Amy said...

So funny! I love love love me some books too! You should come on over to my blog I'm having a giveaway that's all about reading! You could get MORE books! I've gotta go look for the alien/robot one!!
The Resource(ful) Room

diditeach said...

Love it !! And too, too true. I am exactly the same and have taught my daughter to say "Mom, you don't need any more books" which sometimes helps but not usually :) The kids are lucky to have you and they will LOVE the books. Isn't that what it is all about ?

Miss Foote said...

So funny! My kiddos love Geronimo as well! We have Powells, the best bookstore in Portland. All the parking around it is metered, so thankfully I have forced time limits...otherwise who knows what I would come out with.

Chickadee Jubilee

Miss DeCarbo said...

Thanks for the great book recommendations! I haven't heard of Library Mouse - is that awful?!

I just gave you an award! :) Head over to my blog to pick it up. :)

Second Grade Sugar and Spice

Danielle said...

I am a book addict as well. I have given your blog an award. Come over to claim it and enter my giveaway.


mtompkins said...

Hi Tanya! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for an award! Stop by my blog and get it. :)

WILD About First Grade!

teaching fashionista said...

Ha ha Tanya that was a great post! I have to check library mouse out!! My class loves the Geronimo series also..

Kaleigh said...

I LOVE the Library Mouse! I just found your blog Tanya and i'm a new follower!

I'd love it if you stopped by my blog sometime!

Kaleigh's Klassroom

Brittany Johnson said...

Love your blog! I'm your newest follower!! Come check out my blog!!


Little Miss Teacher

Erika said...

I love the library mouse series. Books are so my weakness!

2B Honey Bunch
The Best Endings

Brittany Johnson said...

Tanya!!! Michael Buble is my husband...he just doesnt know it yet. He is so dreamy. Sorry I'm posting here and not back to you on my blog but I dont know if you get notified if I write back to you on my post lol A night with Michael Buble and a sick pair of heels is my type of night!!! haha loveeeee it. So great to have so much in common with a fellow follower :)

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