Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Donors Choose

Like every other teacher, I too have a project on Donors Choose which I desperately need funded in order to get the point I need to post another grant, plus my students would LOVE the materials I requested. The link to my teacher page on Donors Choose is on the right hand side of my blog. :)

Currently, Donors Choose is matching every dollar donated to grants. How awesome is that?

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Room 114 said...

Good luck with your Donors Choose project! Getting students into "test mode" is hard in a small classroom. I hope your project works out :)


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Ms. S. said...

Love DonorsChoose! Did you know that oo.com/safkids is doing a voting contest for ANY technology project posted on DonorsChoose? I've had 2 completed through the site! It takes a lot of votes, but everyone you know can vote every day, and the DonorsChoose We Teach page on Facebook has a lot of voting support.

Mrs. Poland said...

That is great news that they are matching the donations! Good luck!!

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