Sunday, February 5, 2012


Hello there! Hope all is well. Notice anything new on the right sidebar of my blog? I finally created a TpT store and Teacher Notebook shop! *Gasps* I feel so up to date now. Granted both have hardly anything in them, but its a work in progress. 

I created two fold-able geometry books which I used with my students this week. We worked on plane shapes and polygons this week. Earlier in the week my kiddos were feeling overwhelmed. This group feels as though they need to conquer the material the SAME exact day I introduce it. I explained to them that geometry is complicated, especially the skills that require abstract thinking. Chapter 9 is LOADED with vocabulary. Introducing 4-8 new vocabulary words a lesson is A LOT for little minds! To add some fun and spice to our lessons later in the week (we made Thursday and Friday review days), we worked on these two books. 

Both of these PDFs are available at my Teachers Notebook shop and TpT store. Both books are 2 pages each and I will give away one book to 5 people! The 1st 5 people to comment with their email address and the name of which book they want will get MY VERY FIRST FREEBIE! *another gasp* 

My kids were so into them. I was thrilled. At the end of Friday one of my darlings said "Oh Ms. V I feel so much better about geometry now." (Happy teacher!) 

Personal update - last night I got an iPhone 4. I'm finally cool. :) 

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just tututiny said...

Stumbled upon your great blog and just wanted to leave a comment to invite you to visit my blog and enter my GIVEAWAY! Hope to see you soon =)
Just Tututiny

jen said...

Congrats on opening your shops! I'm hoping to open one up too, but time always seems to slip away! I added both your stores to my favorites :o)

The polgon books looks like it would be great for my grade!

Amber P. said...

These look great! Congrats on opening your stores! I have been debating on opening a TN store, since you get to keep a LOT more! :)

I'd Love the polygon book.

Adventures of a Third Grade Teacher

Delighted said...

I would love the Plane Shape Book. Congrats on your store.

First Grade Delight

Natalie said...

Yay! I'm the 5th!!!

Teachery Tidbits

YearntoLearn said...

The polygon book looks wonderful.

Miss Russell said...

Tagged you in a tag game. You're it! Check it out on my page!

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