Monday, February 20, 2012

New Inventory

Hello friends. Hope you had a great teaching day if you didn't get the day off. I spent the day running errands, having lunch with Mark at our favorite wing place, and doing spurts of nothing!

On Saturday Mark and I went down Ft. Myers. I have a credits and debits system in my classroom for behavior management. Students can earn credits for positive behavior and sadly, earn debits for behavior that is the opposite of positive. On Fridays when they are at Specials I write them checks for their credits. Then, they can take their checks to the bank and receive classroom cash. (I will do a LONG and DETAILED post about this whole system one day...just not today. lol) Every two weeks the class store is open. Students can buy various goodies and small trinkets with their class cash. Mark and I had a blast furnishing the store over the summer. I spent $200+ on the store but I wanted to ensure that it carried me at least to Christmas break. Fortunately it has brought me past Christmas break. Don't get me wrong, I still have a PLENTY in the store but you know how kids have to keep them guessing and keep things fresh! So Mark and I set out on Saturday to replenish our inventory.

I don't know why we enjoy doing this but we do. It's fun to analyze children and how they think. We ask each other "Would you play with this if you were a kid?" "How much would a child pay for this?"  We spend hours in dollar stores, party stores, dollar sections, anywhere!! 

Here is our loot from Saturday's endeavors:

Please disregard the baby tub in the back. It's a gift for someone.

The noise putty (the jars in the back) sells out every time we put it in the store, so we keep raising the price. :) HAHA. It makes for a great economy lesson! Supply and demand. Apart from the noise putty and bouncy balls (what is it with kids and bouncy balls?), everything else are new items. Over the summer we talked about selling candy and how we felt about it. We wanted to stay away from it as much as possible. We do sell lollipops but the kids are over it. We are moving to Air Heads. We are getting desperate! LOL

I also made "Eat with the Teacher" Coupons, which aren't really coupons
because they cost $100. Students can purchase these as well. 

I'll have to take pictures of my class store. It's pretty cool. It covers my entire back table.

Work tomorrow....already? WOW, that was the fastest 3 day weekend ever. 

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Miss T said...

This is great! You should link this post up to my behavior/classroom management-incentive linky party!

Ms. Rachel said...

Very cool!!! I have a store too! Im constantly grabbing goodies for it! My hubs was just at a car expo and picked up tons of goodies! The kids love it!

Ms. Rachel’s Room

Kate said...

I would love to read more about your classroom store!

To The Square Inch

Sonya @ said...

Doing a bit of blogstalking tonight, and I happened across your fun site! Love it. When I was in the classroom, I ran a store too. It was fun, but could also be expensive. I used to make up coupons for freebies like sitting at the teacher's desk, free computer time, no homework coupons, and coupons for books from the book orders. They seemed to be as popular as the lollipops. Fun too :)

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