Sunday, April 29, 2012

Favorite Travel Cup Linky Party

Hi friends. make up for my absence lately, I have decided to host a linky party. I'm feeling a little scared though. What if no one comes? What if my party "theme" (topic) is lame? What if someone has already done this idea and I am breaking linky party copyright laws. OH DEAR. This is overwhelming.


Ok..some background information..

I recently just got a new Tervis Tumbler as a gift... I am a Tervis freak. I love all things Tervis. I'm slightly biased because the Tervis factory is 30 minutes from where I live. I am a nutcase when it comes to my drinks being cold. Cold like Alaska..cold like the iceberg that struck the Titanic...cold like FREEZING. Ice is my best friend. I have to have it in my drinks. I don't drink anything warm...don't ask why, I just don't like it. No coffee. No tea. I will drink the occasional hot chocolate but other than that...its FREEZING all the way.

I FAITHFULLY bring a Tervis filled with ice water to school everyday. Last week I forgot my cup. I realized this 20 minutes into my drive. I actually considered turning the car around. How could I forget my cup? That question played in my mind like a broken record. This was like leaving my watch at home...or my laptop...or my HEAD...I felt so lost...and thirsty....the last 10 minutes of my drive into work was torture. I thought I wasn't going to make it. The thirst was unbearable. 

I have two wait now three cups which I rotate and change around. 

This has been my new favorite. I got it for Christmas from one of my students. It's so me.

and then there's my teacher cup. The Boosters committee gave each teacher one of these during Teacher Appreciation Week last year. How awesome was that?

and new one..which I adore and can't wait to rock tomorrow...

That terrible day reaffirmed how much I depend on my Tervis buddies and how they add happiness to my day....which prompted me to host a LINKY PARTY.

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Miss Foote said...

I LOVE Tervis too! I can't tell you how many people I have given them to as gifts! Thanks for the party!

Chickadee Jubilee

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