Tuesday, April 3, 2012

All the world's a stage...especially the classroom

Mark and I are going to see the musical "Wicked" TOMORROW. For those who have seen it, you know how A.M.A.Z.I.N.G this show is. This will be our 4th time seeing it and the excitement is still there. I first dragged Mark to see "Wicked" about 5 years ago. I literally had to drag him. He buried rocks in his shoes attempting to make it difficult. He didn't have "theater appreciation" and I vowed I would convert him to the dark...or wicked side. Now years later and with several shows under our belt, we make it our mission to see at least 2 shows a year. I knew I would be able to fix him...I mean convert him.

I know we won't always be able to take our adored trips to the theater with a family, mortgage, etc., ONE DAY... so I plan on thoroughly enjoying tomorrow night and savoring every minute of it. A HUGE BONUS is that Mark snagged us front row. FRONT. ROW. How could we ever top that? 

After teaching for a few years now, I have come to realize that teaching is a lot like acting.

Growing up 30 minutes from NYC, I have seen my fair share of Broadway shows. My mom took me every year to see a new show and as I grew older, my friends and I would venture to the city to enjoy what Broadway had to offer. I didn't just love watching shows, my passion was to be a part of them. I did high school and community theater for 5 years. I was fortunate to snag leading roles when we did our fall performances which were strictly plays. For the spring musicals I was always given supporting roles, because I can't hold a tune to save my life. It's dreadful. I wouldn't recommend anyone being exposed to such torture. Mark has endured such pain and he says his eardrums will never be the same. So naturally being a Broadway actor was out for me in terms of a career. Rats....

Now years later, I have left go of the Broadway dreams, sold the display case I held on to for my future Tony, and have accepted that I was never meant to be on Broadway. My destiny was to become a teacher. 

Teachers are the greatest actors. We are the true thespians. 

The classroom is a stage....minus the skin burning lights. What job allows you to dress up as Ms. Frizzle or paint your face for Dr. Seuss day? Granted those examples are referencing to special holidays and such, but even on just any regular day, we are actors waiting for the show to start. It's on from the second the kiddos come in. We're expected to play COUNTLESS roles and mold ourselves to fit our students' needs. No complaints here....my students are generous audience members who frequently shower me with support and love. (No roses tossed on stage needed...plus it would hurt if a child chucked a rose at me 2 feet away)

This girl isn't Broadway bound and I couldn't be happier....teaching is my mission. I still get my Broadway fixes in the car. I pretend to be the green witch from Wicked and belt out all her prized tunes... I once cracked my driver side window. :)

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Miss Foote said...

So exciting. I get to go see it on Thursday!

Chickadee Jubilee

Tricia said...

I have seen Wicked two times in Cincinnati and one time in NYC. It is the most amazing production. I am going to Adams Family tonight.

The Teachaholic said...

Tag! You're it! Check out my blog to see what to do next...



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